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20131101-195620.jpgHelen Stothard
I’m Helen, a 49 year old mother to a 16 year old who’s going on 21!

I’ve been working for myself for the last five years, I help authors self publish their books and have written seven of my own books (six business books and one about running a marathon), and this year finally started writing the sort of fiction that appears on this blog under the pen name of Ava Manello!

I’m an avid reader, and a fast reader than Kelly, which is good considering how many books are on my review list.

I love Nina Levine, T Gephart, Tess Oliver, Jani Kay, A.M. Madden, A.D. Justice, T.K. Leigh, Tia Louise, Lesley Jones, Skye Turner, Angelisa Stone, Nashoda Rose, Lyra Parish, Lili Saint Germain, Lily White, Kitty French, Kendall Grey, Calllie Hart, Tiffany Reisz and so many more!

I like biker books, bad boy books, MMA books, smutty books and even the odd billionaire books, although my old English teacher did once say I’d read a tomato sauce bottle if there was nothing left to read, I have eclectic taste in books and music.

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gabrielHi I’m Gabriel, a 41 year old man that likes to read erotica.

I prefer the kinky/darker reads but will try other books upon recommendations from my friends.

I’m currently on a path of self discovery and I’m finding out so much through the books I read and the surrounding community that comes along with blogging. Although I don’t read as much as most or as fast, I enjoy getting wrapped up in the authors world.

Although some find a book dark I appreciate the writing, the gripping tales and the truth of the evil. I know that not everyone will like these books but I’m more then happy to go where others fear to read.