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Blog Tour: A Twist of Fate by T Gephart

A Twist of Fate - Book One of the Lexi series Book Blurb: Lexi is a successful PR manager for a multinational firm, based in Melbourne, Australia. She is an energetic and impulsive soul whose passions sometimes control her life. Through a twist of fate she is chosen to represent a famous client, catapulting her into a new life in New York – fulfilling her in a way that she had never imagined. When Lexi meets Alex, sparks fly. Their chemistry is explosive and they can’t get enough of Read more [...]

Cover Reveal: A Time for Hope by T Gephart

Coming March 2014 Lexi Reed was unstoppable, or so she thought. As the PR manager of international rock band, Power Station and living in New York, she was a long way from her old life in Melbourne, Australia. Having captured the heart and married one of the sexiest men alive (Power Station’s guitarist, Alex Stone) Lexi was living beyond any fantasy she could have ever imagined. Having finally allowed the walls from her past to fall, Lexi had not only learnt to trust again but had given herself Read more [...]

Pre-Release Review: Twisted Views – Fate’s Companion by T Gephart

Expected Release Date: 10th December 2013 This book is described as a series of vignettes (okay I have no idea what that means), written from different characters points of view, which appear in the same order as the events of A Twist of Fate. The author explains at the start of each chapter where this vignette fits in, such as what has happened prior to this scene. This means it's not a standalone but it certainly is an excellent and novel companion book. I loved both Twist of Fate and Read more [...]

Review: A leap of faith by T Gephart

I hadn't realised this was a trilogy, and am not looking forward to a wait of several months for book 3. Book one, A twist of Fate, seemed pretty standalone, this book does feel like the story is left unfinished, but at least it's not a cliffhanger. I enjoyed A Twist of Fate so much I downloaded this book as soon as I finished if, I've read them back to back in the same evening. I'm left wanting. I wasn't sure quite where this book would take Lexi and Alex, as much as I wanted it not to happen Read more [...]

Review: A twist of fate by T Gephart

I have to say Lexi is one of the best female characters I've read in a long time. Boy does that girl have balls,and she's not afraid to say what she thinks, unless it's to admit she has feelings, in which case she'll totally clam up. There are a lot of great characters in this book, and they're all good people, and unlike her own family, they all care for Lexi. Lexi has a path she's on, and thanks to the usual jerk from the past, she's refusing to want any part of a relationship. Most if this Read more [...]