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Review: Mistaken Hope (Misjudged #5) by Sarah Elizabeth

Synopsis: They thought that it was over. They truly believed that they were living their forever and that nothing could ever come between them again.   But, they were wrong.   The past has come back and it’s threatening to destroy their happiness. Their whole future…for good.   His love, the mother of his daughter, is snatched away, leaving Brandon with only one thing left to hold onto ...   Hope.   He's left with the hope that he’ll be Read more [...]

Review: Misguided Truths: Part Two (Misjudged #4) by Sarah Elizabeth

Before I one clicked this book I knew something bad must happen because of the comments readers had left on Sarah's Facebook wall. To be honest, it made me more intrigued, I like dark stuff remember. Part of me didn't like going through the whole story again, but the other part loved Brandon's perspective. His take on scenes where previously we'd only seen them from Alexis perspective. Towards the end of this book I really started to dislike Alexis. Come on girl, after everything the poor guys Read more [...]

Review: Misguided Truths: Part One (Misjudged #3) by Sarah Elizabeth

I'm not a fan of prequels, but this one was lovely. It was also incredibly sad. It's not like you don't know what's going to happen after reading books one and two, but Holly was such a lovely character. It was odd reading things from Brandon's perspective, and knowing who the bad guy is just made all the interactions with him that more interesting, I found myself questioning every word or action.   (5 Stars - Helen) This book was purchased by the reviewer.     Synopsis: ***To Read more [...]

An interview with Brandon Taylor from the Misjudged Series

The Kinky Book Klub would like to welcome Brandon Taylor The kinky Klub would like to welcome Brandon Taylor B.Hey beautilfuls Q.what are you wearing? B.Right now? Not a lot. Boxer briefs with a cartoon character on. KK .Sponge bob square pants ? Q.What did you have for breakfast ? B.Sex. Kk Nice with or without toast B.There were some hot muffins thrown in KK. I bet there was ! B.Behave ladies, behave Q.You always call Alexis beautiful, which I love but does she have Read more [...]

Review: Misplaced Trust by Sarah Elizabeth

Wow... That was a great second book, I guessed who the bad guy was quite early but the suspense just kept building and building, brilliant book 🙂 (Helen) This woman can write ! What an amazing book Fantastic story sexy characters hot romance and a bit of suspense this book has it all. Had been waiting for this sequel for a while and it didn't disappoint 5 fat stars ! (Kelly) Forever.  That one word was supposed to mean their love would never end, yet only twenty four hours after he promised Read more [...]
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