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Blog Tour: All is Lost by Marie Wathen

Synopsis Bang... One second: loud music, dancing, laughing, fun, family, friends, love and everything... Bang... Next second: screaming, running, crying, fear, pain, blood, loss and nothing... Bang.... The events of one night on Willow Island will irrevocably change the lives of so many forever. Breesan Maxwell’s ultimate downfall came that night after one kiss. The impenetrable wall surrounding her fragile heart crumbled, and now the entirety of it belongs to one man, Read more [...]

Review: All is Lost (All#2) by Marie Wathen

Damn and bugger it, another cliffhanger! The suspense continues through this book, and you're still left wanting answers, once again titbits are spread throughout the book, and it raises new questions. It's very clever in how it grips you but I'm dreading waiting months now to find out what happens next, how some of these new characters fit into the story, and what it all means for Breesan. This book gives you a much better insight into both Marcus and Morgan, I quite like the Morgan that comes Read more [...]

Review: Be All by Marie Wathen

This book confused me slightly as it's written from three different points of view and as such goes back on itself in terms of the timeline. I hated that it had a cliffhanger, just as I thought we were getting to the answers I so desperately wanted. I've got my own suspicions about how the story will turn out, but then I question whether the author could really have dreamed up a plot line that cruel, who knows, we'll find out in book two I guess. Breesan is eighteen, lost her mother and father Read more [...]