Review: The Pebble Jar by H E Robinson


At fifteen years old, Abigail Costa might not know much, but there are three things she’s absolutely certain of:

Her grandmother, Nonna, is a superhero and she wants to be just like her one day. 

The world is round and she wants to see absolutely every inch of it. 

And she and Elliot Peterson will be best friends for life. 

After over a decade of getting up to no good together and spending every possible moment in one another’s company, it seems impossible that anything could ever change. 

Enter: the new girl. With perfect blonde hair and a body to die for, she’s everything Abbi never realised she wanted to be. And as she starts to notice that something isn’t right with Nonna, she finds that some of her certainties aren’t quite so certain anymore, and loneliness forces her to dig deep for a strength she never knew she had. 


I bought this book after meeting the author at a book signing, and really liking her. I recall that there were a lot of positive comments about the book when it came out, but I’d bought it purely because I liked her and wanted to support her, I hadn’t bothered to read the synopsis.

I’m not the biggest fan of  YA books, but this one drew me in from the opening sentence. I’m old enough for those words to have meant something to me. My heart went out to Abigail from the start of the book, she doesn’t have an easy life.

As the book progressed and you knew where it was going to go, you couldn’t stop reading, no matter how emotionally it was affecting you. It has everything, characters you want to hug, characters you want to wake up and see what’s right under their nose, and characters that you just fall in love with, like Nonna. Elliot was one of those I wanted to slap. Any book that gets you so emotionally involved with characters is a good book to me.

Whilst I confess I’d worked out where the story was going, it still destroyed me. I cried so much at one point I could barely see the Kindle screen, and it may have got a little damp from all the tears. Heart jerking isn’t the word for it.

This is a beautifully written book, sensitively written with characters you can believe in, that’s probably why it affects your heart so much. I do know there’s a follow up coming, and I will definitely be pre-ordering it.

Five Star Read (Helen)

The reviewer purchased the book.

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