Review: Saviour by Lesley Jones

saviourI can’t tell you how many times I almost started reading this book then decided against it and picked up something else instead. In the words of Pretty Woman “Big mistake. Huge mistake!”.

I’m not sure what put me off, other than the first line of the blurb – leaving an abusive husband after twenty five years. It just sounded too dark and depressing I think, and as a forty something woman I didn’t need reminding about my age or my wobbly bits thank you very much.

I’ve never been so wrong at judging a book. I really enjoyed this one, and I loved Lauren, apart from wondering why the heck she stuck it out so long with that douche for a husband.

Just as you think things are settling down the author throws something else into the mix, each revelation or event that little bit more twisted than the last one, there’s no pausing for a breather with this book.

At first the speed at which things move at feels wrong, too fast to be realistic, but the more you read the more accepting of it you become.

From the first night out in the book I was wrong about what would happen, and surprised by what occurred.

Gabe and Lauren really are two broken souls, but I hope they’ll be given a chance to heal each other, and while I remember, yes it’s an ending that leaves you hanging, arghhh, but I won’t scream too loudly as I’ve already got book two on my Kindle.. I think.. I hope… Arghhh!

(5 Stars – Helen)

This book was received from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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