Review: Hard Focus by MariaLisa deMora


This is an intense page-turner, a gut-punch twist-filled story about a woman who has confidence in herself, believes she’s a good judge of character, and has filled her life with people she can trust. She’s right, but she’s also very, very wrong. Readers will have a time of it trying to decide who to watch closest.


Hard Focus
Where do you place your trust when your own instincts betray you?

Connie Rowe is a receptionist at a respected legal firm. She99s a little bit sassy, a lotta bit happy, has good friends, and is adored by her neighbors.

Life is good.

She99s got a boyfriend she enjoys spending time with. He can be a little intense, but he99s got a lot going on in his own life, sorting out his young daughter and nightmare of an ex.

Life is grand.

9cTrust your gut.9d That99s what Connie99s police officer father told her often, training his daughter to believe in herself through the years.

But a6 what happens when you can99t? When your intuition lies?

What happens when things come into Hard Focus?

This is an amazing read! The true life elements in this book are totally shocking, and unbelievable in this day and age, but that99s the sad reality this book is based on. It99s a great page turner of a book, but for me, I never want to drive over a bridge again! Poor Connie makes a few bad decisions, but in hindsight wouldn99t many of us have made some of them as well. The deceit is so cleverly woven she never had a chance. Five star read.

Reviewed by Helen (Five Stars)

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