Review: Gentleman’s Agreement by Ethan Radcliff

Gentlemans AgreementSynopsis:

Chad Henderson and Jon Lasiter were best friends and business partners. Their taste in women always caused a problem. They always went after the same woman. Cleo Davenport was older and sophisticated with a bevy of men at her fingertips. She was a high priced Madame. Chad rejected the lifestyle and Jon embraced it. Both wanted the beautiful older woman in their bed. Could they reach an agreement that would suit all their needs?


What a refreshing change to read a male POV from a male author,and what an interesting read as well. I wasn’t really expecting the direction the story took, and I enjoyed that. As well as some well written sex scenes this book dealt with emotions as well. There were some good dynamics between the characters, revelations and explorations that helped develop both the characters and the story line. The author didn’t sensationalise the BDSM scene, it was well explained without going overboard and none of the scenes felt gratuitous.


I had a soft spot for Chad, but never really felt comfortable with Jon, a sign that they were well written and I could engage with them.


I’m not sure what else I can say that wouldn’t involve a spoilers and that wouldn’t be fair on other readers. This is an easy, enjoyable read and I’ll definitely look for more from this author.

(Four stars – Helen)

This book was received from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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