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Have you ever reflected on your life and thought, “If I knew then what I know now, my life would be very different”?

I want to be the one to tell you my story so you’ll understand me. So you’ll see more than some guy who’s been thrown in jail more times than he can remember. More than a guy who’s thrown away a promising future in baseball to party instead. More than the thug you see when you look at all my tattoos. More than what you see when I’m messed up on drugs, or drunk on more alcohol than humanly possible.

So listen up because I have a lot to tell you. Take a walk with me through my life, at a time when everything started to go wrong, but I was too young to know.

If I could go back and know what I know now, everything would be different



This book was an emotional read, more so because it was based on true events. The ending was unexpected and heart wrenching.

The story is told to you by Chase, looking back on how he got to where he is now, and the regrets he has. At first I found it a little difficult because of the drug abuse, but it’s not there to glorify a story or shock you, it’s there because it’s part of how he came to be where he is.

It’s an insightful look into addiction and mental illness. Chase is brutally honest about his weaknesses, that said knowing you’re doing something self destructive doesn’t mean you can stop doing it.

It gives you an insight into how one persons actions can impact a whole family, and at times a whole community. There’s a very poignant scene on a bridge with lighted candles floating down a river.

It’s well written as you find yourself willing Chase to succeed, and inwardly groaning each time he loses his way. There are characters you’ll want to shake or shout at, beg them to leave Chase alone, and there are characters you would love to hug and wipe away their tears.

This isn’t a soft and fluffy read. It’s dark, gritty and emotional. It’s real and by the end you’ll wish it wasn’t.

(Five Stars – Helen)

This book was received from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review then purchased by the reviewer.


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