Book Review: Back Up by A. M. Madden

Back UpI loved this book, then again I do have a soft spot for a good Rock Star romance!

Leila and Jack’s romance is one of those will/they won’t they romances for most of the book, the tension makes for some great reading.

I love this thought from Leila when she meets him for the first time:
“I continue to devour him with my eyes and commence a mini sex dream that plays in Technicolor glory in my mind”.

One of the great things about this book is that this is a band just on the cusp of hitting the big time. We’re getting introduced before the egos get involved, when they’re just regular guys who are having a good time.

I really liked Leila’s character, she’s sassy, attractive and loyal but does seem to underestimate both her talent and looks on occasion.

There are plenty of distractions and interested parties who get in the way of Leila and Jack getting together, but there are some interesting characters you’ll grow to love as you read.

This is a good length book, longer than most standard romance novels, with a story line that keeps you turning the page and with an ending that leaves you wanting more, although it does finish at an appropriate point.

Can’t wait for book two to see where we go from here.

Star rating

(5 Stars – Helen)

This book was received from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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